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HKFYG Run For Wellness 2021 is coming back with brand new look!


Facing the rapidly changing living environment in recent years, everyone has accumulated loads of emotions. This year, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) changes the format of “HKFYG Run For Wellness 2021” to virtual run, allowing all participants to join our meaningful event without the limit of space and time. All of you are welcome to release your stress and emotions through the Run. Let’s get stress-free together!


“Wellness Journey” is our theme this year. We are collaborating with a well-known local illustrator, MaLut (麻甩), to bring out the theme and the message of wellness through the laid-back and joyful color expression.


The event contains three categories, 2KM "Hygge Journey", 5KM "Adventure Journey" and 10KM "Self Healing Journey". Souvenirs to bring home include event backpack, event T-shirt, sports towel, etc. All event finishers will receive the "Finisher Gift Pack", which contains more amazing souvenirs! ​


Sign up now,  create your own wellness journey and run together for wellness!


website_Banners & Icon-10.png
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Founded in 1960, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) is committed to serve the dynamic needs of Hong Kong young people through the provision of a variety of services, activities and programmes in multi-partnership.

To raise public awareness on the emotional wellness of young people, HKFYG has initiated a 5-year Project STEP - Emotional Wellness for Young People, which is generously supported by HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme. One of our signature events “Run for Wellness” was launched in 2017, with nearly 8,500 participants in the past three years, successfully raised collective awareness for emotional wellness.


The backpack is symbolic of young people’s stress in their lives. Runners running with a backpack mean that they are willing to share the young people’s load with them. We also believe that through running, participants are encouraged to lead a healthy life that brings benefits to their physical, spiritual and psychological well-being.


This year HKFYG will run its  fourth “Run for Wellness” to raise fund for the “Youth Wellness Psychiatric Service Scheme”, which provides subsidies and timely intervention by professionals to young people in need.